About Us

Young and dynamic, the Kevin Flower brand was created to meet the daily needs of the customer through handcrafted products that highlight the exclusivity and originality.

We aim at a minimal and essential style that tends to eliminate the superfluous, choosing only the essential elements, enhancing the functionality and usefulness of the product.

Our goal is to create objects that last beyond time, fashion and trends.

In this global era we are used to having nothing more that is done to last in time, we are used to renew our things continuously.

Handicraft production, on the other hand, is a certificate of endurance, authenticity, uniqueness, care and passion for one’s work.

Each of our creations is a unique piece and no one can have one like it.

Behind every object, in fact, there is research and design that goes from the creation of the model to the choice of colors and accessories.

All our products are completely handmade and the quality is perceivable through the attention to detail. Any imperfections guarantees quality and authenticity.

Every cut and every stitch allow us to add something unique and to express art through leather, which is a traditional material: precious and “alive” at the same time.

The leathers used to make our products are natural and any imperfection guarantees their naturalness and quality. It is exactly in the imperfections that the authenticity of our products is found, because it is there that the object becomes unique, the result of manual work.

Maybe imperfect, but with attention to the smallest detail!

The processing techniques used go hand in hand with the choice of materials and the requirements needed by manual work that guarantee the uniqueness of each individual piece.

We follow each step of production and personally check the performance of each object produced.

We invite our customers to focus on the real value of the product that must become a key to enhance personality and style. In fact, we offer a customization service which aims to meet the needs and style of our customers.

Our collection is an evergreen, which periodically combines the continuous pieces, sometimes revisited in color and combinations, to new products / projects.

We do not think of our products as masculine or feminine, but of the character that those who will wear them will know how to give them.

Our line of accessories is designed and produced in Italy, halfway between the worlds of fashion and design: a contamination between form, function and aesthetics.